The Hidden Button Down

Here at Leviner Wood we are often asked by first time clients about our shirts. Most haven’t thought too much about shirts. You may know your neck size and sleeve length, your preferred collar and that you like blue or white cotton shirts. The fun of having your shirts made is discovering another collar or cuff style, playing with heavier or lighter fabrics or introducing patterns into your wardrobe.

In our increasingly casual world, there are many of you who may not have to wear a tie unless you’re meeting with your clients. And, if you were to ask us our preference for a “do it all” collar for a shirt, we’d advise you to have several hidden buttondowns at your disposal. The collar, an invention of the late 80’s, is one of those “best of both worlds” things. The hidden buttondown keeps the collar neat and your tie in place for business and off-the-clock, it provides enough structure to keep your collar standing tall under your sportcoat or sweater.

And yes, they look equally good in patterns as they do in blue or white.

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