The Envy of Those Around You.

The trick to getting all those envious glances and admiring stares from the wilting masses during summer is to look, as an acquaintance recently put it, “like you just stepped off of your 155 foot yacht.’


Details will make a difference here. Like Leviner Wood’s blue suede moccasins with the red sole.


Vintage mother-of-pearl cufflinks from our Links to the Past™ collection are the subtle touch of luxury that this sort of thing requires. We wouldn’t want to scream “MONEY,” would we?


The boating blazer in summer weight silk and wool, a linen shirt with hidden button down collar to keep it standing tall, and the specialized buttons and contrasting, yet subtle, placket keep things light and airy, but open collar dressy enough for a business meeting. The pocket silk ties into the sole of the shoe. Details matter.


Socks are always optional, but this pair of Byford’s looks right. The blue suede belt shows that you are the sort of man who pays attention. Trousers in a luxury 150’s weight wool are the answer to the steamy days and nights, breathable, not wrinkly.

Whether you’re taking in a half dozen oysters and  chilled lobster at Can Can, or drinks on the rooftop at Quirk, be the envy of the room.

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