The Dog Days Classic Combo

Golf Shirt

H³. Hazy, hot, and humid. Once the dog days set in even we at Leviner Wood try to get away with as few layers as possible. At work, we hang up our suit coat and work in shirt sleeves. And on the weekends, we reach for a classic golf shirt to pair with khakis or shorts.

What we don’t reach for is a shirt that has a 6″ x 6″ logo splashed across the chest as we hate being confused with a billboard ad or teenage rapper.

Introducing Leviner Wood’s grown-up golf shirt in 6 oz. cotton pique ($69). Available in a raft of colors without a single visible logo and a collar that after ten washings still lays flat. (Yes, we do test our product….) Shown with wrinkle and stain-resistant 100% cotton khakis ($135) and Allen Edmonds driving shoes ($175).

Golf Shirt Colors

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