The Details

They say that clothes make the man. Here at Leviner Wood Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers, our men make the clothes.

That’s what makes them truly, uniquely yours and yours alone. And that’s what sets custom clothing apart from the things you see hanging on the rack by the dozens.

Take a look at the two photos above. A couple of sport coats, right?

Here’s another one. Notice anything different among them? Two blues and a gray. Yup.

But there’s more to them than just the color and pattern. Let’s start with the very first photo at the top of the page. Here’s a closer look at a few of the details.

Start with the obvious (to us, anyway.) Those are English Holland and Sherry buttons, not just your typical (for custom) real horn. We have a whole board of distinctive buttons from which to choose.

Now move on to the pockets. The ones in the detail shot above are slanted (“hacking”) pockets, popular on riding coats because they keep the contents securely in your pocket when you’re pitched forward in the saddle. (We like the way they trick the eye into making us look a bit more athletic.) The tailor also did a really nice job of matching the window pane check on the pocket flaps with the body of the coat.

Go on and look at the other photos again. Holland and Sherry buttons, straight flapped pockets, patch pockets (a more casual option), working buttonholes (surgeon’s cuffs) on the sleeves (with the first buttonhole stitched in a contrasting or complimentary color), and custom-designed lining doubling as a pocket square in two of the coats.

There’s more, but let’s touch on the shirts.

Those are some of the most popular patterns and colorways from this season. They were so popular that we had them made up in this gentleman’s preferred high-tech, four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, highly breathable performance material. And then he chose to add complimentary colored buttons with contrasting thread and buttonhole stitching for a bit of personality (he doesn’t wear too many ties these days…)

Just a few of the details that make these custom garments completely his and not just another Leviner Wood custom piece cut and sewn to his specific and unique measurements alone.

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