The Blues of Summer

Blues of Summer

We’re used to choosing our blue blazers and suits by button stance. Three button? Two? Double-breasted? We might add a peak lapel or a ticket pocket. But consider the most basic part of the blue blazer. The color.

Above we have a Royal blue (or blogger blue because of its popularity among the “e-gents” of the web), a mid-navy blue, and, at the bottom, a true navy, which you already own.

When is it appropriate to wear a lighter blue? During the day. Especially with the stronger sunlight. Pair a lighter blue with khakis or silver-grey trousers. They work equally well without or without a tie, making them perfect for Sunday brunches or at the club on weekends. We recommend a half-,or quarter-lining for the hot days ahead.

Now on to the really pressing question. Gold buttons? White? Blue marbled….?

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