The Best Shirts From the Banks of the River Nile: Thomas Mason.


I used to cheat when it came to shirts. I reasoned that a well-cut coat would hide the multitude of sins that result from ill-fitting shirts. You know, the unsightly bulging of extra material, the too-long or too-short or too-wide shirt cuffs, all the usual suspects. As long as I had the neck size right and showed a reasonable amount of linen at the cuff…. well, who cared about comfort, right?

And that was my next level of obsession.

We who wear custom or bespoke are accustomed to having clothing that fits. And clothing that fits is clothing that is very, very comfortable.

So I started having my shirts made.

And then I discovered fabrics. Not just designs, but long-staple, soft cottons. And among the softest and most wonderful of those cottons is the Giza 87 Egyptian Cotton. Which is what Thomas Mason grows in its own cotton fields along the Nile.

Giza 87 fabrics don’t degrade over time, you see. Through numerous washes, the softness just becomes even softer and the brightness stays as bright as the day it was woven. (Dry cleaning, as we know, is the Devil. We wash and press our shirts. Well, someone does….)

Thomas Mason founded one of the first cotton fabric factories in Leeds for shirts. The fabrics, which were top quality even then, were used by West End London tailors for the aristocracy and rich upper class and were later exported all over the British Empire and everywhere else in the world. And now they’ve landed here with Leviner Wood, in Richmond, VA. . The best for our best clients. Eccentric, sober, playful, serious, and very English. You owe it to have a few in your wardrobe.

Variety is the spice of life. Try some Thomas Mason Giza style this year.

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