The Age of Enlightenment


Dear God, not another pair of Dockers and a leather jacket

“Getting old ain’t for sissies…” No kidding! But with the complexities of aging and the added gravitas of experience comes a very liberating period in a man’s sartorial career.

Yes, it’s time to dress your age. You know yourself pretty well and are pretty much at the top of your game, believe it or not. Which means that you can pull out the big guns. The mature gentleman should own seasonal clothing, high-end accessories and very elegant ties and shoes. In short, unless you’re headed for the gym or to work in the yard, there is no reason to look like you’ve given up and taken to orthopedic shoes and shapeless sweats and t-shirts. You have earned the right to look damned good in all situations.

Wear that three-piece pinstriped grey suit.

Layer tweed, cashmere and flannel.

Pull on a camel-hair topcoat.

Dark jeans, or grey trousers look great with your blazers and sport coats.

There’s a lot to be said for a great scarf and the man who wears one.

Strong men can wear strong patterns. Especially on the weekend if it’s a sport coat.

Loafers… especially tassels and/or suede.

Just make sure everything fits extremely well.

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