That’s It for Summer.

And the Farmer’s Almanac says that this winter promises to be wet and wild.

We at Leviner Wood would like to take this opportunity to introduce some cold weather appropriate fabrics and accessories into your wardrobe. After all, while we all have an affinity for the lightweight worsted that we can wear into the office year-round, we also like to shake things up sartorially once in a while. Tweeds, cashmere, twills, wovens, knits, and flannels.

As the light changes, so should your wardrobe. This is an excellent opportunity to work the colors of the season into your clothing. Bolder patterns are great for casual workplaces and evenings out.


Subtle stripes and windowpanes featured on more heavily textured, yet still comfortable, cloth are the order of the day for the traditional workplace, church and semi-formal affairs.

Come in and take a look at the new fabrics. There are a lot of beautiful new ones waiting to be made into something special to take you through to next spring.


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