That Suit.

“That’s the suit I want,” said my friend as we watched the speeches at a wedding. He recently admitted that he was wearing a far-too-bulky suit. Mine was tailored.

“You can wear a tailored suit,” I told him.

“And that fabric. It’s awesome.”

I thought the same thing when Larry and I picked it out. Not too audacious, Not too boring. A good, fun suit. A suit for an occasion like a very good friend’s wedding. Part of the fun of custom.

“I don’t know if there’s any of the fabric left,” I replied. “But, if not, we can find something equally wonderful.”

Custom suits and sportcoats featuring luxury fabrics, expertly cut, and tailored to your specific measurements — nobody else’s — by Leviner Wood. Why wouldn’t you want to look as good as the guy in that suit? Call Larry today. 804.928.7946

Ready to play. This fabric was spot on.
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