That Certain Something.


G. Bruce Boyer, the famous and sartorially resplendent writer, once asked a member of a prominent Philadelphia family where he bought his evening clothes only to be told by the gentleman that he didn’t “buy” evening clothes he had evening clothes.

There is a certain something, call it prestige, to owning something that has been passed down through your family. Those items that have acquired a patina of age lend the wearer a bit of sophistication where obviously newly acquired gewgaws smack of the showy at best and pretentiousness at worst.

If you aren’t as fortunate as some to have had independently wealthy forebearers with exceptional taste, you may still tap into that certain something with Leviner Wood’s own Links to the Past™, a curated collection of  antique and vintage cufflinks.

We’ll even give you a good story of the origins of the pair that you’ve selected. Links to the Past™. Choose your own bit of history.

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