Thanksgiving Dressing

Nope, not the “dressing” vrs. “stuffing” debate, we already know where we stand on that one. (Stove Top “Stuffing”: Mix together Pepperidge Farm bread crumbs, chopped and sautéed celery and onion. Add a dash of Allspice, hot homemade chicken stock and stir. Great when you have limited oven space.)

We are talking about what to wear when you want to look nice, but still be very comfortable for an afternoon of too much food and football. Anytime over the holidays that you find yourself reaching for your khakis, cords or flannels, consider a colorful checked or plaid shirt. They look fantastic with a solid knit tie and blazer for the Holiday Services, or worn open-necked with, or without, your (custom) sweater! Comfortable, great-looking and just dressed up enough. Everything should be this easy.

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