Texture, Weave and Pattern

Notice the buttons and the buttonholes?

Business casual and certainly after-hours events rarely call for a tie these days. Which puts the emphasis on the shirt to convey a sense of personality and style.

Here are two fine examples, conservative enough, but with details that make a difference. Colored buttons that compliment the fabrics, colored buttonholes that add some visual interest, and the fabrics themselves!

Take a closer look.

The blue shirt at the top of the photo is made from a unique linen and cotton blend weaving the best characteristics of each fabric into a perfect choice for warmer days. The linen breathes beautifully and the cotton keep wrinkles at bay.

A small dotted pattern makes up a creative and eye-catching shirt that looks good under a blue blazer or all on its own, without looking so outlandish as to scare your banker.

Details, in this case texture, weave and pattern, count. Come in a take a look at some of the new fabrics at the studio!

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