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Simplicity. Less is More.

As we emerge from our third month of working from home, you may have noticed just how much stuff you have that you really don’t use. Last post we explored how to clean out your closet. If you haven’t worn … Continue reading

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You Know What You Need? 5 Pockets. Office Fit.

My friend’s father may be a former government employee and winemaker, but he has the mind of an entrepreneur. Faced with a problem and lack of tools, he could invent the solution on the spot. “You know what you need? … Continue reading

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Minimally Constructed, Maximumly Useful.

Why do we keep going on about half-line, buggy-lined, unlined, unconstructed coats? Because you asked. You may not realize that’s what you’re asking for when you want a sportcoat or suit that’s great for travel, that you can fold up … Continue reading

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