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“Office Seekers” Shoots on Location Outside the Studio Doors!

The last time President Lincoln visited Richmond, it was April of 1865. He is making a return trip this Thursday, November 17th, under the guidance of legendary film maker Steven Spielberg and Leviner Wood has a front row seat. Filming … Continue reading

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Wedding Suits Weather or Not.

Something always goes wrong at a wedding. In this case, it was the track of Hurricane Irene that looked to put a damper on the proceedings as it bore down on Richmond, VA. Regardless, Benji and Kelly were going to … Continue reading

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What’s Your Poison?

Clancy held no great affection for Frazier, either. He constantly referred to George as a “prissy” writer and after George left his office after a rather unpleasant meeting about his disintegrating deadline discipline, reeking of FabergĂ© or whatever cologne he … Continue reading

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