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Providing Structure

This is the ultimate in summer sports coats. A light and airy mixture of linen, silk and wool, it is extremely comfortable to wear. The secret to keeping you cool, though, lies in its construction. Finished with patch pockets to … Continue reading

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The Envy of Those Around You.

The trick to getting all those envious glances and admiring stares from the wilting masses during summer is to look, as an acquaintance recently put it, “like you just stepped off of your 155 foot yacht.’ Details will make a … Continue reading

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When Thar’s A-Storm A-Comin’….

Like with most things that survive in menswear, the storm tab serves a very useful purpose and has its roots in the field. It’s a simple thing, a removable suede, leather or heavy piece of fabric that buttons behind the collar, … Continue reading

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