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A Well-Designed Chest Pays Homage to The Ever-Elegant Mr. Grant.

Industrial Products by Richmond Furniture & Accessories Gary Inman Home Couture Take an artist with an appreciation of the Golden Age of Elegance, give him input and a good tailor and he’ll produce sartorial art. It’s what he does instinctively … Continue reading

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Brown In Town Or Country

One of the questions we get asked the most at Leviner Wood is if brown shoes go with gray suits. The short answer is “yes, very well.” The Brits are adamant about it: no brown in town. And that applies … Continue reading

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March, It’s Time

Time to start thinking of spring, March 20th is just about a month away. This weather is getting ridiculous isn’t it? We’re in Richmond, VIRGINIA, not England. The new fabric swatches are in and they are beautiful. This spring, we … Continue reading

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