Sweater Weather… for Moths, Too.


It’s frustrating. You pull out your favorite sweater or tweed jacket to throw on for these cool mornings and notice that your shirt is showing through a couple of prominent moth holes. Suits, trousers, scarves, winter coats, nothing seems immune to the plague. There is a solution though. You can save that favorite piece of clothing through artful reweaving.

Here in Richmond we had the Little Mending Shop from 1941 to 2005, when it finally closed down. For years we were left with the mending that local dry cleaners offered — which often resulted in visible patches and sewn “scars” across our clothes. But now we have Reweaving of Richmond, where retail giants and everyday people from across the country rely on artisans to save their clothing. Because real reweaving is truly an art form.

Reweaving of Richmond specializes in French and overweaving of damaged garments. French or “invisible” reweaving is best for tears and holes up to 1/8″ in diameter, no larger. Using this method, individual threads are replaced and are woven back into the garment. French reweaving almost always results in a near invisible repair. Overweaving or “inweaving” is done with a small patch, made from a hidden part of the garment (an inside seam for instance), being woven into the garment — thread by thread — to reduce the visibility of the damage. Still, the results are far less visible than traditional mending/sewing methods.

In Richmond you may drop off your damaged clothing at George’s Alteration Shop 1344 Gaskins Road Richmond, VA 23233. Or: Natale’s Alteration Express
Short Pump 804.364.0700.

Beginning this weekend, the 29th September, Leviner Wood Custom Tailors will be open Saturdays from noon to four p.m. to receive your garments. You may also drop off your damaged clothing at the studio during the work week, but please call first (1.804.358.1387).  Out of town clients, please send your reweaving to 2012 Monument Ave, Richmond, VA 23220. Click here to find our Request Form.


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