Sweater Mending, Just Like Dot Used to at the Little Mending Shop.


We all thought we were done with our “near-miss” of a winter, but then that cold snap hit and we finally dug some sweaters out of the closet. Were you greeted, as many of our clients were, with a moth hole or two?


Almost as frustrating as trying to find someone who can repair the damage. Reweaving and mending is a dying art and finding a company that specializes in French reweaving, overweaving of garments, and mending of knitwear can seem next to impossible. Enter Reweaving of Richmond.


Just a gentle reminder, clothes should be mended and cleaned before being stored for the season. If your favorite sweater, pair of trousers or sportcoat has lost a battle with the devious little worms, please give us a call (804.928.7946). Reweaving of Richmond repairs knit sweaters, trousers, coats, and hats.

Wouldn’t Dot be proud of your thriftiness?

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