(Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

(Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

Leviner Wood Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers is 25 years old! Wow! I can’t believe it. How did we make it this far? How will we make it the next 25?

Experience: that’s a given. We must be doing something right to have so many wonderful repeat clients.

Listen: always. We won’t push product on you. It hasn’t been made yet. We’ll listen to what you want and suggest ways that we can make it happen. And then ask for your input again.

Personal Service: it’s a dying art. We understand our clothing — we’ve studied how it gets made and how to build it so that it shows you at your best. Then we deliver. Yes, mistakes sometimes (rarely, to be honest) happen, but we make them right (see: Experience and Listen, above.)

Our mission has never been just to make you a great suit. It’s to make you feel great in that custom suit built just for you, in the style you like. If you believe that you’ve experienced any of this first hand, please “Like” us on Facebook, and forward this post to someone who will benefit from working with Leviner Wood. We’re accepting a few new clients this month.

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