Summer Socks.

No, we’re not in Bermuda where businessmen wear over the calf socks with their shorts and blazers, but nevertheless, business wear, even in high summer, calls for us to hide those tanned ankles and don the captoe shoes.

As fans of merino wools socks year ’round, when the mercury skyrockets, even we reach for Pima cotton over the calfs. A glimpse of shin, tanned or not, between shoe and trouser leg is never a pretty sight.

But, just because you’re wearing socks doesn’t mean that you can’t lighten up a bit. It is still summer after all. Ask for Leviner Wood’s collection of Pima cotton patterned dress socks. Sharp enough for work, for church, and even for Bermuda, should you be in the area on holiday. We mean business, of course.

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