Summer Lovin’

Yeah, it’s not even Spring yet, we know. But here at Leviner Wood Custom Clothier and Shirtmakers we’re already thinking about warmer weather and a change of wardrobe.

Richmond and points south have seen their fair share of  cotton poplin and seersucker suits over summers past. Seersucker was so popular back in the mid-twentieth century that wags joked that if the Country needed to call up a citizen militia, there would be no need for uniforms; if the call went out to “report in your seersucker suit.”

Why not opt for something equally historic, harder wearing, and cool? For this summer, we’re lovin’ ultralight tan gabardine. Something Bogie might’ve worn stepping off the train in California. Ignoring the dated tie, everything else you see here is correct. Two button, tan gabardine suit. Patch pockets will allow the suit to be half or quarter lined and wear that much cooler than a fully lined suit.

You’re on your own trying to land a Betty like Bacall. But this suit will keep you looking good in the dash from air-conditioned car to office to bar.

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