Summer Friday Casual


If you’re anything like we are, and you, wonderful client, are because you trust us with your wardrobe, casual Friday, or casual anytime can make you shudder. What the hell do we wear? Especially in the summer in Central Virginia? Khakis and a polo have been the default for years, but at a certain executive level, it just doesn’t cut it.

That’s where the suit pictured above comes in.

Woven in Italy of 75%wool, 15%linen, and 10%silk, it is breathable, comfortable and looks like you own the place. Which you do. Worn without a tie, you are still casual, but all-business. The same look also works for cocktails and a nice restaurant after work.


The pick stitching puts you at the top of your sartorial game for those in the know about custom clothing. The peak lapel keeps things a bit dressy, even without a tie. And what do you do for color when not wearing a tie? Pick up a pocket square and set yourself head and shoulders above the crowd.

Whether or not you choose to wear socks, is entirely up to you. We like to play off the colors in the pocket square with ours…

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