Style, Substance

No “versus”, no reason to sacrifice one for the other, not when you’re wearing custom clothing.

In the last post we went over the basic silhouettes that are appropriate for everyday wear and foolproof in terms of their longevity and construction.

But what about style?


You see a lot of that guy around. He’s even designing a very high priced line for Brooks Brothers called Black Fleece. His style is not our own. We can cut a suit for you that is too short and tight, but we’d rather not. Because that is fashion, and fashion changes quickly. We’d rather make you clothing that keeps you stylish for decades.

Slim is in though and we’re getting a lot of requests for flat front trousers with lower rises and narrower legs, and shorter coats with higher arm holes and narrower lapels. And on some of you, they look great.

Sammy Davis Jr.

(“Hey! How come we wear trousers and he wears a leotard?” Dean Martin comments on Sammy Davis Jr.’s stovepipe trousers.)

On the fellow performing above, those close cut trousers and slim ONE-button jacket look great. But you may have to have a dancer’s build to pull them off. Our goal is to always  have you look great.

Others of you prefer traditional styling. And by “traditional” we mean rooted in the 1930’s. Drape-y jackets, ticket pockets, side straps on pleated trousers, full 2″ cuffs and extravagant lapels. We can do that too. And like the slim look, on some of you it looks great.


And for those of you who prefer quieter tailoring? Well, our goal is to never have anyone compliment the clothing. Just the man wearing it.


What’s your preference in terms of style? What are the details that you love on your custom made suits and jackets?

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