Stripe It Rich: Pinstripes Are the Suits At the Top of the Business World.

In a world where ostentatious signs of wealth have fallen out of favor, subtle detailing and nuanced tailoring speak loudly to those in the know.

While “dressing like a banker” in Gordon Gekko’ish chalkstripes and power ties may be viewed with some disdain, today’s business leaders still rely on the power of the pinstripe to take them from main dining room to the boardroom. That’s because pinstripes are subtle, they add height with their vertical lines, are slimming because of the same verticality,

How to wear it without looking like a gangster?

First, recognize the difference between pinstripes and chalk stripes — pinstripes are crisp and thin, chalkstripes are thicker and often a little “fuzzy” at the edges.

Second, choose your fabric color wisely. Navy or charcoal gray are the most versatile and flattering colors. Black pinstripes can look a little too edgy.

Third pay attention to the cut. A single-breasted, two button suit or a three piece suit will always be appropriate. Do not go too slim, nor too full in cut. Moderation is the key to remaining elegant and business like. But your Leviner Wood custom suits will always fit you better than anything else in your wardrobe.

Finally, accessorize tastefully. A classic, well-cut white spread collar, French cuff shirt and a dark woven dotted tie can take you from the boardroom through the evening looking impeccably dressed.

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