Stick-Toitiveness: Style Advice for Mature Men


Mr. Michael Alden of The London Lounge. Click the photo for the interview.

I’ve got a good friend (not Mr. Alden, above, who resides in Italy) who recently retired from a high-profile  job, but, before he did, he updated his wardrobe. He bought new suits, sport coats and thinner ties.

“WHAT!!!!” You shout. “He retired, why would he buy suits and sport coats, let alone ties?”

Because he retired, he didn’t give up.

You see, my friend still sits on a number of boards, has the ear of a politician or two,  and enjoys an evening out at a restaurant or a dinner party. He also wants to present his best self at any given moment and as a man who wore suits throughout his career, he knows what … errrr… suits him best.

But why the new suits when he had a dozen or more from which to choose? Because they were old, out of style, and more suited to a high contrast complexion. His new suits are cut with the trimmer silhouette and are made of more muted color fabrics — not the stark charcoal and midnight navy he wore before his hair went grey. They show that he hasn’t given up. He, like his suits, iPad and iPhone 5, is a reflection of our modern times.

As a mature man, you know your style. Stick to it, update to stay relevant and you’ll always be considered stylish.

Next up: a few thoughts for our younger clients who are just developing their styles.

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