Smart Fabric: Crispaire

1. Dark Brown Sky Blue Pin Stripe

2. Silver Grey Pink Bold Stripe

3. Forrest Green

4. Black & White Houndstooth

5. Navy Royal Blue Bold Stripe

Tan Houndstooth Blue Windowpane

What do you think? This is about 10 oz. stuff. The best 10 oz. wool that you can find for warm weather and for travel. Why?

This is Crispaire. Based on a traditional plain weave construction in 100% worsted wool, Holland & Sherry’s Crispaire is a favorite among those of you who travel a lot and live where it gets hot. This durable cloth has a crisp hand and is available in a variety of classic designs, including nailhead, houndstooth and pin-dot stripe in a palette of clearly defined colours.

Crispaire is designed to ensure that you look good on arrival at your destination. H&S has selected the finest crimp Merino wool with the best recovery, and spun it into a much rounder yarn than normal, resulting in a high performance, crease resistant cloth. Crispaire retains fewer creases than regular worsted suiting fabrics, and has a smooth finish and a smart, stylish appearance.

You might even consider a warm weather double-breasted with a half lining in this fabric. Or add a vest to a two piece for cooler offices and the demands of the local climate wherever you touch down next. Don’t see a color you like? Ask. Another advantage of Leviner Wood’s custom tailoring: choice.

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