Six More Weeks and a Lifetime’s More

That’s right, Polamalu saw his shadow, we’re expecting a wintery mix and nasty conditions tomorrow… but that doesn’t mean that you’ve been stopped at 4th and goal. Relive the glory days when watching from the sidelines or walking out after the game meant true style, not jut bling. Think Tom Landry in his hat.

Or Vince Lombardi in his camelhair polo coat.

Think outside the box, think The Babe.

(Previous two images via: Maxminimus who knows a thing or two about stylish outerwear.)

And then think Leviner Wood Custom Clothier and Shirtmaker. Even if you wear it once this season you and your sons will get your money’s worth out of it for the next twenty years. Mongolian Cashmere and Wool Blend Custom Coat with Red Paisley Lining, Selentino Gino Model Suede Stingy Brim Hat to match the collar of the coat. End of the season closeouts on cashmere going on now.

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2 Responses to Six More Weeks and a Lifetime’s More

  1. K. M. Olson says:

    Babe Ruth’s wool overcoat was custom tailored for him by an exclusive New York tailor Mr. Frank August Marini whose offices were locatedon 5th Avenue. Mr. Marini is also the tailor of President’s Rosevelt’s cape seen in the famous picture of President Rosevelt in Yalta with Churchill and Stalan. Other clients of Mr. Marini were Cary Grant, Arthur Treacher and Ingrid Bergman.

  2. LW says:

    Thank you K.M. Olson. It goes to show, custom clothing is an investment made to look good forever.

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