See You At The Studio?

(Boodle’s, Beau Brummel’s Club in St. James’s Street. London)

Here at Leviner Wood we’ve been kicking around a few ideas and would welcome feedback from you guys (and our few gal clients, too.)

How would you feel about having your own club? Or do you belong to one already? By “club” we mean a place to escape to, sit down, maybe watch some sports, have a bit of lunch or a beer or two, all while getting your shoes shined.

We’re thinking of calling it “Friday’s at the Studio” and to kick it off, we’d like to know if you’d like to come along and what you’d like to see happening here. Manicures? Shaves? A locker for a quick change? Wi-Fi? A bartender? Now’s your chance to let us know.

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1 Response to See You At The Studio?

  1. Harry Hundley says:

    Dear Larry, Friday afternoons are good for me. I could probably average 2 a month. Shoe shines are hard to find and relatively inexpensive…..? A bartender sure but an emphasis on refining one’s drinking style———-discovering new/old cocktails (The ‘bartenders’ in Richmond are clueless.),exploring the world of single malts, boutique bourbons and I would like to try all the different vodkas, sherrys and champagnes without having to buy a bottle first. How about explaining tailoring terms and the world of weaving—–ie. What is gabardine for instance? What is fresco? What does 10 ounce mean? See ya soon.

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