Saints Alive: Reweaving St. John’s Knits

At Reweaving of Richmond, we love classic, well-made clothing and St. John definitely falls into that category. St. John’s classic Milano knit is a favorite of the discerning woman and extremely comfortable to wear. But your wife knew that. That’s why she invested in it in the first place. Should moths find the fabric equally… tasty … give Reweaving of Richmond a call. We can fix the damage.

Reweaving is more art than science and each case is different. We prefer to see the garment and then call you with an estimate to fix it and our experts best guess as to the visibility of the fix. This isn’t just mending, nor do we patch. If the damage is too extensive or we feel that the area will be too visibly altered, we will alert you without proceeding to reweave before you let us know your wishes.

Give Larry a call or send an email, fill out this form and rest assured that her St. John is in the right hands.

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