Rugby Flannel: Comfort that Moves.

When the temperatures dip around Central Virginia, we love to break out the most comfortable clothing we own  — corduroy, flannel, moleskin, heavier cottons, and the new very light tweeds. Frankly everything we see coming in from the mills this season has a cashmere-like feel to it, with the exception of the heavy cotton twills.

One such standout from the new swatches is the Drago Super 130’s Natural Stretch Rugby Flannel. This stuff is amazing! Stain and water-resistant, the wool is woven to be naturally wrinkle resistant, too, and it feels like cashmere. The natural stretch of the wool means that your trousers won’t bag out at the knees after a full day like the old stuff used to.

You’ll wear these trousers on the weekend, even!

I suppose that’s why they called it Rugby Flannel. Comfortable clothes that move with you.


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