RSVP Required: On to the Holidays with Ardent Craft Ales.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Holiday spirits are in the air and we begin the countdown to our family gatherings. And family gatherings rely on holiday spirits to keep things amicable. By “holiday spirits,” of course, we mean beer.

But not just any beer. You’ll already be awash in pumpkin flavored this and that. Spiced Belgian Triple Boks and fruitcake-scented winter over-hopped IPAs won’t be far behind.

Don’t be fooled. These are beverages foisted upon us by well-meaning women who hate to see us drink an entire six pack before the afternoon game and the 2,347 calorie feast to follow.

“Give us a real brew,” we say. “Something our grandfathers’ could stomach.”

Enter Richmond’s newest craft brewery: Ardent Craft Ales. What’s so special about their product? For starters the recipes are based on pre-Prohibition styles and European and historical recipes. Then there’s the locally-sourced ingredients angle. Read: real brews.

And Leviner Wood’s got ’em for you. Simply respond via email to Larry to reserve your place for Monday, December 10th‘s Ardent Craft Ales tasting. We’re planning to pre-game Monday Night Football’s matchup when Houston takes on New England. So plan on getting to the studio by 6:30 PM for the tasting.

Yes, they may have a Christmas Ale for those of you in a festive mood.

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