Regarding the Dress Code

Traveling recently I ran into a bar with a conspicuous brass sign announcing “Proper Attire Required”. Our ideas at Leviner Wood Custom Clothiers and Shirtmakers concerning proper dress are obviously different from those of the majority. In fact, a google search for that phrase turns up ads for what are euphemistically called “men’s clubs”. Inside the bar, there wasn’t a tie to be found on anyone other than the barman.

That brings up a question and a thought. Is the dress code necessary? Does it even exist in our overtly democratic time? And if you’re not wearing a tie, why are you wearing a plain white shirt?

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Consider instead a striped, paisley, checked or other patterned shirt to wear with your blue blazer or suit. Pick out a color from the stripe and add a pocket square in a coordinating or contrasting color. pocket squares add personality, like a tie, at a fraction of the price. They also let you stand out while still fitting in.

Leviner Wood Custom Clothiers and Shirtmakers. Hundreds of patterned shirt fabrics. And we carry pocket squares, too.

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