Red Buttons, Pockets and Leviner Wood

See that guy in the foreground next to the winsome Anna Maria D’Allesandro? The one who isn’t the Duke? That’s Red Buttons and in this movie (“Hatari”) he plays a guy called Pockets. Which is reasonable as he wears all sorts of cargo pants, Danger Boy fishing vests and other manner of clothing suitable for days out in the bush. After all, it’s better to carry in your gear than miss something later. Pockets are useful.

They can also ruin the lines of your carefully tailored suit. Several of our clients here at Leviner Wood won’t even open the stitching holding the pockets closed on their suit coats. Pockets that are stuffed full often bag over time.

But we’re big fans of pockets. Where else do you carry your smartphone, wallet, glasses, handkerchief, keys, pocket knife and portable USB flash drive? A briefcase? A man-bag? Nope, we’ll stick to our pockets.

And that’s another reason to have our clothing made by Leviner Wood, we’re great at hiding pockets. What used to be a cigarette pocket in the bottom quarter panel of your suit now holds your phone. A thin and tall pocket holds your pen or pencil. The passport pocket holds a large breast pocket wallet, while the other inside pocket can hold a jotter or handkerchief. Your reading glasses can have their own pocket. The change pockets inside your right hand coat pocket are wonderful for concealing your car key and house key. But what happens when you take your coat off? That inside pocket in your trouser pocket also makes a handy place to stash your phone. A watch or coin pocket at your waistband hides a small penknife. If you’d like, we can build a pocket inside your waistband to carry a spare $100 bill… The possibilities are endless.

And isn’t that why you go custom?

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