Record Pollen Counts. Inside and Out.

(Your best friends this spring: Belgian Shoes’ “Mr. Casual” model and a Smartek 3-in-1 clothes brush via

Wow! Have you driven through the yellow fog of pollen swirling through the air? It’s been years since the perfect combination of hot, wet and seasonal combined to dump record amounts of pollen on the Greater Richmond Metropolitan Area.

If you suffer from allergies, you are in a world of hurt. If you don’t, I bet you’re still feeling the effects — stuffy nose, scratchy eyes, cough — after wading through the thick spring air.

If you’d like to minimize the effects indoors of the high pollen count, invest in a good clothes brush and keep your house slippers handy. Change immediately when you get home, leave your shoes out of the bedroom and slide into a pair of slippers like the Belgian shoes pictured above. Next, grab that clothes brush and brush your jacket and trousers, first against the nap and then smoothing it down.

A quick shower before bed or at least brush and wipe down your hair with a wet washcloth, will help keep the stuff four out your sinuses when your head hits the pillow. We at Leviner Wood also subscribe to keeping the air-conditioning on and the windows closed. At least until the season is over. And even then we continue to believe in maintaining your custom clothing with a good brushing.


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