Quality Shirts… Wrinkle.

You have purposely chosen to set yourself apart from your fellow man by having your clothing made just for you.

You have access to the finest fabrics from the best mills in the world.

You are comfortable and damnably well-dressed.

You are not a cardboard copy of the next guy.

So why would you choose to wrap yourself in chemically dipped, artificially bonded fibers? Chemicals that may have adverse effects over the long term. They certainly wear off after a number of washings. Which means that they must be wearing off onto… you. Ugh. Watch out for “wrinkle-free,” “non-iron,”and “traveller” labels. They’re warnings in our book.

100% pure cottons and linens (even wool) have been used as luxury shirtings for millennia. Why? Because it breathes, takes color well, tailors beautifully, and feels wonderful next to the skin.

Will it wrinkle? Sure. After a full day, it certainly will. But creases can be steamed or ironed out.

Does it bother you?

Then may we here at Leviner Wood suggest wearing a vest or a sweater over your shirt. Or do as the Don Drapers who came before you did and keep a freshly pressed and folded shirt in a desk drawer for after-work engagements.

Or, steam the cologne out of it and learn to quickly iron it back into shape. Here, Mr. Jim Moore will show you how.

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