Putting Together the Patterns and Colors of Spring

It’s the question you ask yourself the most. “How could I wear something like that?”

Take a look at the above. Rare air, huh? Yet it is still a subtle mix thanks to subdued colors in the sport coat. See how the oranges and blues are highlighted in the sport coat pattern because of the colors in the shirt, tie and pocket square? As a sophisticated Leviner Wood client, you know how to do that already.

Now take a closer look at the patterns. The tie works as the largest pattern with the least “repeat” of the pattern. That lets it work harmoniously with the shirt’s smaller stripes, the slightly wider plaid of the sport coat and the in-between repeat of the polka-dotted square (It shows more navy blue than anything.)

Exuberant? You bet! Welcome to spring. (Come check out the newest fabrics and neckwear. Call today!)

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