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H&S Gold Buttons

One of the joys of going custom at Leviner Wood is that you get to choose just about every detail on your clothing. You don’t have to, so don’t worry. But the option is there. Fancy linings are always a favorite. Luxury shirt fabrics and mother-of-pearl buttons on your custom shirts are standard requests.

You probably haven’t given too much thought to the buttons on your blazer. We have.

Historically there is evidence that in 1837 the captain of the H.M.S. Blazer ordered Royal Navy brass buttons to be affixed to the new double breasted “reefer” coats of his crew so that they might switch the inside flap to show outside and present a clean jacket when Her Royal Highness Victoria passed in review. The buttons on the sleeve were supposed to stop the sailors from using their sleeves as napkins.

The term “blazer” may have originated when the Lady Margaret Boat Club of St. John’s College at Cambridge University adopted violently colored sportcoats as their club uniform. Spectators were heard to exclaim that they were “ablaze” on the water. Other clubs soon followed suit and the solid or striped colorful coats became standard wear. Added to some of these blazers were club coats of arms and crested buttons.

And that’s why we traditionally wear crested buttons on our blazers. For fun and to look good.

Leviner Wood carries a full line of handmade, hand-enameled, patterned and crested buttons by renowned Holland and Sherry of Savile Row (see photo above.) We can also offer College and University crests and sports related themes. Seem too much? Opt for silver, pewter, horn, shell or simple patterns like the “610” shown on the photo of one of our client’s blazers.

Blazer Buttons

For a really special touch, have your blazer made with buttonholes instead (like the military and actor George Hamilton do.) Not just on the sleeves, but everywhere there are to be buttons. That way you can change sets for the reunion, the club or whenever you feel like it.

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