Providing Structure

This is the ultimate in summer sports coats. A light and airy mixture of linen, silk and wool, it is extremely comfortable to wear.

The secret to keeping you cool, though, lies in its construction. Finished with patch pockets to eliminate the extra pocket bags that add fabric and thus, an extra layer of warmth, it has more secrets hidden inside.

Actually, it has fewer secrets hidden inside. A complete lack of “guts.” This is an unconstructed sport coat. But, as the photo at the top of this post shows, the wearer, provides more than enough structure. Because it is unlined, every breeze passes through to you. Lack of canvassing lightens the load, making it feel as if you’re wearing a second cotton shirt, rather than a sport coat. It’s about that light in weight, too.

You have to wear something this summer. Why not be as comfortable as possible?

Choose yours.  Quickly. Fabrics are going fast. Hey Siri: Call Larry Wood. 804.928.7946.

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