Pressed4Time: Just In Time.

We here at Leviner Wood have been frustrated trying to find the ultimate dry cleaning solution. We’ve looked high and low. We’ve made calls that weren’t returned. We’ve been kept waiting during appointments. And then, just like that, the solution may have just parked itself in front of our door. Literally. Meet Mr. Gregory Walker of Pressed4Time, who showed up just in time to help with cleaning our winter clothing and getting the spring/summer stuff ready to go. While we typically recommend drycleaning a suit just twice a year given normal wear, Mr. Walker’s sponge and press service will fill in the gaps and keep you nicely presentable. He is the first we’ve found to offer sponging and pressing in Richmond, and who doesn’t love the idea of a pick up/drop off service for clothing, shoes and household linens?

1) How did you get involved in the industry?

First of all, I am native to Richmond.  I grew up here, went to school here and my family lives on the street where my wife grew up.  I have two sons and a daughter all under the age of six.  My cousin Bill began Pressed4Time here in Richmond in 1996.  When my Uncle George passed away at his mountain retreat in Ivy (Bill’s childhood home), Bill moved to Ivy with his family to care for my Aunt Beth.  I took over operations here in Richmond at that time.  I have been growing Pressed4Time ever since and have been enjoying every minute of it.

2) What makes Pressed4Time better than another pickup/drop off service like Handcraft?

I have not used Handcraft Cleaners so any comparison would not be fair.  I think Pressed4Time offers great value.  My customers are served by myself or my father.  In town, all customers are served by me.  On the spot I can offer new services, give detailed explanations of cleaning processes and handle any question or concern.  It doesn’t hurt that my customers save 10 – 20% or more on their bill.  That is as compared to some similar operations like Handcraft Cleaners.  Some clients entrust me to keep key copies and put clothing away inside their personal closets, locking the door on the way out.  I remove all wrapping (except garment covers) from the delivered cleaning and dispose of the trash for several of my customers.  Personal service is what I want to provide.  Our shoe shine and repair service is a convenience our customers really enjoy as well.  Another feature to our service is wash and fold laundry.  If desired, we provide each family member with their own personalized laundry bag and return the washed and folded clothing separated by family member for easy put away.  Customers are blown away by this service and the time it returns to them during the week.  Why spend hours doing laundry each week?  Customers can ask for any detergent and softener they wish to use and we provide it at no charge.  I am proud of Pressed4Time’s value proposition.

3) Do you offer hand pressing for shirts and suits? What about a sponge and press for a suit?

Yes, we offer these services when requested.

4) What services are most commonly ordered?

We are primarily a professional dry clean and shirt service business.  Our shoe service, leather services, wedding gown preservation service, laundry service and off-season storage services are enjoyed by many, however, we mostly pick-up and deliver suits, slacks, shirts, sweaters, neckties, jackets and other commonly worn garments.

5) Do you do table linens/napkins, etc.? What is the turnaround time?

Yes, we clean all household items and return them to customers within two weeks.  Most of the time items are returned within one week.  We clean comforters, dog beds, outdoor furniture pillows, area rugs, purses, duvet covers, pillow covers and almost anything you can think of.  We have done some amazing work on drapes and valences.  I, of course, use our service for my household items and have been extremely happy with area rugs, childrens bed covers, and our table runners.

6) Do you resole shoes? If so, are your heels built by hand? Do you replace frayed laces as a matter of course?

We do resole shoes but heel construction depends on the shoe itself.  I have not encountered any frayed laces but we would not return a pair of shoes without a good cleaning, shine and not without ensuring laces were in good condition.

7) What hint would you give readers to extend the lives of their clothing?

Most cleaners might be shy to reveal the truth about cleaning suits.  Clean them every 6-9 wears.  It is not necessary to dry clean your suit after each wear.  My advice, however, is to clean both the pants and jacket at the same time, each time.  Some may say to clean a suit jacket less often.  Use cedar hangers and/or a cedar closet for your clothing.  Don’t use starch in your shirts as it can break down fibers more quickly.  Also, ask your cleaner if they provide collar stays.  We will provide them at the time of cleaning and return your shirts with stays included.  This keeps the collars shapely and properly supported.  Remove the plastic covers from your cleaning while storing your clothing in your closet.  The plastic is not intended to remain on your clothes for extended periods of time.  Especially if the plastic has been tied off at the bottom for safe delivery.  Don’t forget to do the same with household items returned wrapped in plastic.

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