As a dedicated man of fashion, you may see a lot of bolder plaids taking center stage this year. It began, as these things do, with the Italians, and with their overwhelming love of all things British, translated to the famous mills of England. Above, you see an example of Gladson’s “Snowflake” sport coat fabric made up into a double-breasted town suit. Sure it might frighten HRH’s corgi’s, but it does make a statement. Particularly if you work in a creative field or just like to dress at the weekend. Luxury doesn’t always have to be quiet, tasteful, yes, quiet, no.

Like the idea but can’t quite get around the … well … “plaiditude” necessary to carry off bold? Consider a more business-like and quiet plaid.


Still worn the Italian way — with an unbuttoned collar, higher gorge and beautifully proportioned lapel, this is a look that gets you noticed. And your suit, too, at second glance.

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