Bring New Meaning to “Winter Blues.”

When it gets cold, we at Leviner Wood, love nothing more than to wrap up in something really comfortable, but for those situations when a fleece and sweat pants aren’t really appropriate, Thanksgiving, Christmas Dinner, or Lessons and Carols, for example, we recommend cashmere and silk flannel.

All the luxurious camels, grays, and blacks that you love are here, of course, but for those grey and cold days, why not inject a little color as a mood lifter? This is custom clothing, and it is the season for celebrating after all.

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Oh Deer! Comfort, Style, and Durability in a Hand-Finished Shoe.

There is little worse than seeing a grown man wear a favorite pair of cords or jeans with beat up running shoes. We get it, they’re comfortable. But you might as well be shuffling around in crocs or bunny slippers as far as stylishness is concerned.

Instead, we at Leviner Wood recommend deerskin. It worked for our pioneering forefathers who learned from the Native Americans how comfortable, durable, flexible, breathable (!), and soft hand-finished deerskin can be.

Dress them up or down, you owe it to your feet to look this good and feel this great. Call Larry now (804.928.7946) to order a pair for Christmas delivery. Hand-finished deerskin footwear, USD$265/loafers and wingtips, USD$295 for the chukka boot. Gift certificates available!

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Break It Up: The Layering Edit, Pt. II

Now that you’ve got the basic idea that accessories stretch your wardrobe, let’s take another look at those two suits. What if we split them up?

The easiest thing to do is to use the coat from the blue Donegal with the trousers from the light brown Donegal as a stylish variation on the blue blazer/khakis uniform.

“It really is that easy…”

Another option is to ditch the coat altogether in favor of a sweater or vest.

Consider your options this fall and winter. Mix high and low by adding a denim jacket to the look above. Go tieless and wear a scarf in the same color as your trousers or shoes. Wear the brown tweed suit coat with a pair of washed out jeans and a button-down and don’t forget about knit ties! The possibilities are endless, and here at Leviner Wood, we can point you in the right direction when it comes to layering.

Thanks again to Jesse Whitacre of Moxie Movers for his help in demonstrating just a few choices for mixing it up.

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