The Legacy Solution

Leviner Wood is pleased to announce a new service for our loyal clientele. Should your young man find himself in need of a tuxedo for prom or a wedding, a serious suit for an interview, or a blue blazer and khakis for wear at school, why borrow or rent? Leviner Wood’s Legacy collection is ready-to-wear, and includes alterations at a very competitive price.

Let him experience first-hand what it’s like to have good clothing and a first-rate custom tailor and shirtmaker on your side.

Call Larry for more details.

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Keep the Best Moments Close This Father’s Day

What will you give him for Father’s Day? It’s a great time to catch a game, get outside and go for a ride, hike, kayak, run, whatever he and the kids love to do. That’s a part of what makes him the great guy you know and love.

And, I bet you have a ton of favorite photos of them together. Wouldn’t this be a great time to have them custom printed onto the lining of a new blazer or sport coat?

Remind him what being a father is all about with custom photo collage linings from Leviner Wood.

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Skipping Through Spring…

…and going straight into summer seems like a very Richmond thing… Which is why you’re going to want to order a few of these very Richmond shirts. Summer weight Oxford!

The Oxford cloth shirt you love, only in a lighter weave that keeps things bearable down here below the Mason-Dixon line. Whether it’s a classic button down that can go from khaki cotton suit to thrown over your swimming trunks, or a spread collar masterpiece that will keep you cool under the collar at a board meeting, Leviner Wood has you covered.

Did you hear the forecast for the next four days? Yeah…. 80’s…..

Call Larry now while we have fabric left.

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