Silk? Cashmere? Nope.

Sustainable, Comfortable, Beautiful.

Harvested ethically, raised in a sustainable fashion, and very breathable, bamboo has to be one of the greenest options in clothing.

But that’s not why you want it.

Bamboo makes up into sports coats with a silky, lofty hand. It even has the sheen of silk when it catches the light.

Look closely…

Even better, it feels like you’re wearing some of the most luxurious loungewear on the planet. We can’t even begin to describe it. You’ve really got to touch it to believe it. Call Larry (804.928.7946) and schedule an appointment before we run out. Leviner Wood…. dressing the most comfortable men on the Board.

Gift Certificates available now.
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Run Faster. Jump Higher.

Lounge Better.

Remember how good your feet felt as a kid? You got a new pair of sneakers and you just knew you could run faster and jump higher.

Get that feeling again with a new pair of Leviner Wood’s Elk leather loafers. Your slippers aren’t this soft.

Run faster? Jump higher? Nah.

Lounge better.

In deep– almost black– brown, this pair of shoes goes with almost everything in your wardrobe.

Call Larry now (804.928.7946) to order your pair. Then, kick your feet up. It’s the holidays. Gift certificates available!

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Your Fall Weekend Style.

How was Thanksgiving? Did you need more than sweatpants? Choose to wear jeans and then wish you had good-fitting, comfortable, jeans? Leviner Wood has you covered. We’re carrying a lightweight denim, mixed with a touch of stretch (you don’t wrinkle and it doesn’t bind), and five-pocket cotton canvas pants. Pair them with a Leviner Wood custom shirt (a sports coat if it’s cold), and some incredibly comfortable loafers, and you’re ready for the drive, the game, or just hanging around with a beer and the gang. Classic casual never felt this good before.

Leviner Wood’s Marcello straight-legged jeans and five-pocket cotton canvas pants. UDS$175.

Gift Certificates for the Holidays now available!

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