The Layering Edit: F/W Accessories

Welcome the colder months, when the current style climate is a little more relaxed this year.

How are you going to dress down while dressing up? With two suits and the right accessories you can add layers to your looks. Here’s what you could do with just one garment.

Combine different accessories to get more out of a single garment — layer a knitted tie, sweater or vest, scarf, to your suit — and you’ve got a whole new, more casual, look.  For example, with a Donegal Tweed suit, like the ones pictured, there are always several colors to choose from in the weave. Use these to help select your accessories. (By the way, Leviner Wood can help you with that, give a call! 804.928.7946)

Special thanks to Jesse Whitacre, founder and CEO of Moxie Movers who brought in two of his favorite Leviner Wood custom suits to model for us.

Next Up: The Layering Edit Pt. II

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Are You Feeling It?

You know how you instinctively know when a suit is cheap just by looking at it? Yea, we do too. But that’s not just because we at Leviner Wood have been working with incredible fabrics for close to thirty years now, no, it has more to do with the way a fabric looks and feels. For example, what separates this black suit from any other?

How about texture? Not pattern. Not luster. Texture. Subtle texture makes this a black suit for everyday, not just for evenings. Play up its uniqueness with an alligator belt and textured tie paired with the always appropriate white shirt, in twill.

Texture. Are you feeling it?

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An All-Round Suit? Throw Me a ‘Bone

There are grey suits and then there are grey suits. I could say the same thing about blue, or olive, or chocolate, come to think of it.

What separates one from another is detail and one of the easiest to spot is the fabric. But with so many to choose from, what’s a guy to do? Well, here at Leviner Wood Custom Tailors, we’re going to throw you a ‘bone. A Herringbone, specifically. It does sort of look like a fish’s skeleton, doesn’t it?Nice texture. Good visual interest. Interesting fabric all together. You can even choose the darkest grey to make your morning clothes in case you’re attending the Royal Enclosure at Ascot this year. Or an Italian wedding. Or a client meeting in Pittsburgh. It’s that versatile. Stock up now!

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