Texture, Weave and Pattern

Notice the buttons and the buttonholes?

Business casual and certainly after-hours events rarely call for a tie these days. Which puts the emphasis on the shirt to convey a sense of personality and style.

Here are two fine examples, conservative enough, but with details that make a difference. Colored buttons that compliment the fabrics, colored buttonholes that add some visual interest, and the fabrics themselves!

Take a closer look.

The blue shirt at the top of the photo is made from a unique linen and cotton blend weaving the best characteristics of each fabric into a perfect choice for warmer days. The linen breathes beautifully and the cotton keep wrinkles at bay.

A small dotted pattern makes up a creative and eye-catching shirt that looks good under a blue blazer or all on its own, without looking so outlandish as to scare your banker.

Details, in this case texture, weave and pattern, count. Come in a take a look at some of the new fabrics at the studio!

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Can You Feel It?

At Leviner Wood we appreciate the online experience. Here we hope to entertain, enlighten and inspire. Buying online, we understand, is a convenience. Easy, fast, fewer decisions, easy returns when something just… isn’t… quite… right.

Which is why we love to have you stop by the studio on Monument Avenue. Here you can ask advice from Larry about fabrics, cuts, buttons, linings, and colors. But above all, you can feel the fabrics that will go into making your garments. Take the outfit above, for example. This is a great representation of summer textures. All clothing doesn’t have to be made from a dry worsted wool you know!

Take a closer look.

The nubbiness of the linen is echoed in the slubs in the tie, the pebbled grain of the elk loafer and belt, the weave of the straw hat and the twill of the grosgrain band.

But trust us, the photos don’t do justice to the real things. These fabrics feel even better than they look, especially in the heat. Come on in and run a few samples through your fingers. Call Larry and schedule an appointment today.

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To B or Not To B?

Does your belt match your shoes? Why worry? Side adjusters allow you to skip that detail, especially useful if you travel with more than one pair of shoes. Speaking of travel, it’s bad enough that you have to slip out of your slip-ons, but removing your belt, too? Why go to the bother if you don’t have to?

Side adjusters have been around forever and are now turning up on ready-to-wear trousers, too. Combined with buttons to allow you to attach your suspenders/braces, they give you an infinitely adjustable level of comfort, without cutting the visual vertical line in half the way a belt does.

Why is that important? Your tailor is always looking for ways to make you look taller and slimmer. A belt calls attention to that area to which the more prosperous among us may have added a bit of padding over the years. Imagine adding a tan belt (to match your tan shoes, of course) to the picture above. Where is your eye drawn?


To B(elt) or Not to B(elt)? That’s the question. What is your answer?

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