The Details

They say that clothes make the man. Here at Leviner Wood Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers, our men make the clothes.

That’s what makes them truly, uniquely yours and yours alone. And that’s what sets custom clothing apart from the things you see hanging on the rack by the dozens.

Take a look at the two photos above. A couple of sport coats, right?

Here’s another one. Notice anything different among them? Two blues and a gray. Yup.

But there’s more to them than just the color and pattern. Let’s start with the very first photo at the top of the page. Here’s a closer look at a few of the details.

Start with the obvious (to us, anyway.) Those are English Holland and Sherry buttons, not just your typical (for custom) real horn. We have a whole board of distinctive buttons from which to choose.

Now move on to the pockets. The ones in the detail shot above are slanted (“hacking”) pockets, popular on riding coats because they keep the contents securely in your pocket when you’re pitched forward in the saddle. (We like the way they trick the eye into making us look a bit more athletic.) The tailor also did a really nice job of matching the window pane check on the pocket flaps with the body of the coat.

Go on and look at the other photos again. Holland and Sherry buttons, straight flapped pockets, patch pockets (a more casual option), working buttonholes (surgeon’s cuffs) on the sleeves (with the first buttonhole stitched in a contrasting or complimentary color), and custom-designed lining doubling as a pocket square in two of the coats.

There’s more, but let’s touch on the shirts.

Those are some of the most popular patterns and colorways from this season. They were so popular that we had them made up in this gentleman’s preferred high-tech, four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, highly breathable performance material. And then he chose to add complimentary colored buttons with contrasting thread and buttonhole stitching for a bit of personality (he doesn’t wear too many ties these days…)

Just a few of the details that make these custom garments completely his and not just another Leviner Wood custom piece cut and sewn to his specific and unique measurements alone.

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Your Custom Stimulus Package

On-line or on the road, don’t hide behind sweats when Leviner Wood’s custom fabrics with built in stretch in cooling blends will keep you business ready and comfortable. These fabrics are so versatile they can take you from practicing your swing at the golf course to lunch in the clubhouse, hastily called Zoom meeting to socially distanced drinks at 5. If you’ve been living in Johnnie O, level up to the custom version made to fit your unique measurements.

How this works: We’ve put together two custom packages to make it easy, especially if we already have your measurements on file.*

Custom Stimulus Package #1: Pick 1 pair of cotton twill trousers and any two shirts for $495.

Custom Stimulus Package #2: Take care of the whole week. Pick any 5 shirts and 2 pairs of trousers for $995. (That’s like getting a free shirt when you buy 4!)

Call Larry today to take advantage of this very unique offer. 804.928.7946

*If you need to come in to have your measurements taken, we are following all the appropriate guidelines to keep us all safe. We’ve even installed an air cleaner that filters airborne contaminants down to virus size up to 5 x an hour!

4 way stretch trousers
Easy Care Patterned Shirts w/ Stretch
Solid knit cotton shirts
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Simplicity. Less is More.

As we emerge from our third month of working from home, you may have noticed just how much stuff you have that you really don’t use. Last post we explored how to clean out your closet. If you haven’t worn it in two years, get rid of it. If it can’t be repaired, get rid of it. If it just doesn’t float your boat…. 

Now let’s think about your closet in a new way. What if your closet was filled with only the best clothing, that was age and occasion appropriate, stylish, flattering, and that worked together effortlessly, while being fantastically comfortable because it was made to your particular measurements. Now imagine there was less of it. 

At Leviner Wood, we’re hearing more and more of that from our clients these days. They might own three suits (a luxurious dressy suit, a high-performance travel suit, and an everyday one), a tuxedo, a couple of blazers (a Navy blazer, and an unconstructed sport coat, for example), a dozen pairs of trousers from cotton khaki, to wool and denim. They may have narrowed down their neckwear, relying on a solid, a pattern and a stripe. Pattern, texture and color are added through a large selection of sports shirts, dress shirts, knitwear, and a selection of pocket silks.

Simplicity. Less is more.

***We are open, following all appropriate CDC guidelines and ready to make your clothing. If you are an existing client and we have your current measurements, we can interact via the internet to choose fabrics and style your garments without your having to come to the studio. Whichever you prefer.

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