We’re In This Together: George’s Alterations

George Livanou, owner of George’s Alterations.

For the last 39 years George Livanou, one of our local tailors, has been making magic with needle and thread.

Now that the CDC has formally recommended that all people wear “cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain,” George has put his tailors and seamstresses to work making some more magic — keeping us healthy. He and his team are sewing double-layered, non-surgical cloth masks. (The CDC has asked that N95 respirators and surgical masks be donated to first responders and hospitals.)

Leviner Wood applauds his commitment to help us combat the spread of the contagion and we are donating fabric to George to help out his efforts. He is still in need of more elastic. If you’re able to donate some, please follow the link below to find his contact details.

If you’d like to order masks for you or your family, they are $10 each, which helps to offset his costs. Call George and place an order. We’re in this together.

Basic black goes with everything, including formal wear.
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We’re In This Together: Meet Jesse Whitacre

This is the second in a series in which we spotlight our Ambassadors, you who wear Leviner Wood and recommend us to your friends; you wonderful people who have kept us in business for close to thirty years now. You who are so much more than clients.

This pandemic has us all ruffled and we’d like to remind you to support your local businesses. Today we’d like you to meet Jesse Whitacre, owner of Moxie Movers.

That’s his logo you’ll see on the sides of the trucks. He designed it. Those aren’t just any movers, they’re well dressed in tailored trousers and dress shoes. No, they don’t actually wear tailored clothing and wingtips (well, Jesse does on occasion) but, as he says, “Moxie Movers means muscles and manners.”

Click through for more info.

We asked him how can we (the Leviner Wood community) help? He reminded us that contracts are still closing on houses and they’re still moving folks. Moxie is following all cdc guidelines and are happy to do jobs as small as one-bedroom apartments. So if you’re headed home from school or scaling up your living quarters, give them a call. They even have a new storage facility available for those of you in between moves.

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We’re In This Together: Meet Zach McAfee.

This is an unusual time, so rather than our usual gorgeous sport coat and shirt patterns, we’re going to shift focus for the duration.

We are going to start a series of posts that will feature one of our “ambassadors” — because “client” or “customer” is inadequate — attach their link, and ask “how can we help?” 

If you’d like something memorable to occupy your time while quarantined, let us introduce you to Zach McAfee of Sim Seats. (Click the link to visit his site and check out the photos!)

Zach created Sim Seats in 2009, which builds USA made high-quality driving simulators. We’re talking about NASCAR serious. As they like to say “don’t limit your track time to the weekend.”

We asked Zach, “How can the Leviner Wood community (that’s all of you) help?”

His reply, 

Contact me to set up a private demonstration at our studio at Parham and Staples Mill. We are adhering to strict CDC guidelines!”

We strongly endorse Zach, and appreciate his patronage!

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