Spring Is Around the Corner

Anticipating the coming spring and the wonderful punch of colors that it brings, may we at Leviner Wood suggest a new sportcoat for Easter, or any old day really?

Not too sure of the temperatures? Add a pair of colorful socks that echo the blues of the coat. Finally, take a daring (for Richmond) step into the entirely cool choice to throw on a pair of white jeans whenever you feel like it. The lighter colors are guaranteed to lighten your mood after this very weird winter.

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Properly Waisted for Mardi Gras

Five days and counting. We are in the thick of it. And by “it” we mean the most famous block party in the world. Mardi Gras. Yup, it’s Hurricane season down south.

It’s a time to laissez les bon temps roulez. Show your true colors. And we at Leviner Wood are proud to represent the RVA at the festivities. Both in a (relatively) sedate light blue lizard, plaid sport coat and off-white jeans …

and in the Fat Tuesday party colors. Let us help you get properly waisted. (Lots of colors to choose from and the dyed skins and the construction are both unbelievable in quality.) Call Larry today!

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Spring In Your Step

Sure, we haven’t had much of a wintery mix situation, but we’ve had plenty of grey days recently. At Leviner Wood, we think the best cure for grey and drizzly is to add a little color to your day.

You may not choose to embrace color whole-hog, as our man Brandon above, but you’d be surprised what echoing a little spring bloom in your outfit does for your mood.

Maybe you can commit to half as much?

Just a touch?

It’s simple, take your cues from nature and lighten up a little. Call Larry and add a little color to your world.

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