Packing Light

Choosing neckwear to take on a trip can be fun, but our guess is that it isn’t the sort of thing that makes you whistle a happy tune.

But, if you are one of the 100 men left in America who still dresses like a professional (note to Gov. Kaine: no jacket = rolled up sleeves for that guy getting down to work look. At Leviner Wood, we’d like to think that governing is serious business in a recession) and you need to travel for business, every bit of space that you can save moves you closer to the ultimate goal: carry on. Knowing how to select and pair a discreet tie with a number of different shirts could be a bit of a help here.

The tie above works because it is a discreet pattern and either fades into the background when paired with a matched tone in the shirt, or pops when mated with the gray striped white shirt. Both combinations will work equally well with a gray or navy suit or your blue blazer.

Two looks, one tie. Just don’t spill soup on it.

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