Out With the Old. In With the New.

It’s hard to believe that we’re already four days into 2013. Harder, still, to believe that menswear has been through such an upheaval in the last year. We at Leviner Wood heartily approve of the new trend of the younger generation embracing the coat and tie.  And they’ve left their stamp to be sure.

Case in point: if you’re still wearing 90’s three button suits with double pleated trousers, or Mad Men minimal, you might as well be wearing a Cave lion tunic and Mammoth fur boots to work.

Is this you?

Time to upgrade that image to that of a modern, satellite-uplinked, tablet-toting 21st Century man.

Here are the trends that we think are worth pursuing in the new millenium.

The two button suit coat. It’s back and without the boxy cut of the sack suit.

The double-breasted suit. Without the aircraft-carrier-flight-deck-sized shoulder. But with a moderate peak lapel and slightly roped shoulder construction. Modern armor.

Single-pleat or flat-front trousers. Clean looks, especially for those of you making use of your gym membership. And single-pleats are far more forgiving than you think! The legs are slightly more tapered, but still very comfortable and good-looking.

A sleek, rounded, classic toe shoe. The English look, slightly updated, ever so-slightly elongated. Allen Edmonds does a good job for us, of course!

Subtle pattern mixing. Classic, conservative striped or checked shirts with solid ties, striped ties or neat patterns. The higher collared dress white shirt goes well with the double-breasted serious suit. The button-down remains essential for casual Fridays.

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