One Coat to Rule Them All

It’s hard to figure out just what coat to grab as you’re figuring out #ootd. Especially in Virginia, and especially at this time of year. Cold mornings, cooler afternoons, sunny one minute, threatening wintery mix the next… sound familiar?

That’s where this very special car coat shines. It’s wool, feels like cashmere, sheds wintery mix like a duck, is long enough to cover a sports coat, and has a removable vest piece in case the extra insulation isn’t needed by lunch.

Plenty of storage options, too. Which we all need. Sunglasses, reading glasses, wallet, cell, other cell, gloves, etc., we know, we’re there, too.

All that at a very forgiving price, which is a rare treat at the Holidays. A limited number are available. One coat to rule them all. Call Larry now.

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