Oh Deer! Comfort, Style, and Durability in a Hand-Finished Shoe.

There is little worse than seeing a grown man wear a favorite pair of cords or jeans with beat up running shoes. We get it, they’re comfortable. But you might as well be shuffling around in crocs or bunny slippers as far as stylishness is concerned.

Instead, we at Leviner Wood recommend deerskin. It worked for our pioneering forefathers who learned from the Native Americans how comfortable, durable, flexible, breathable (!), and soft hand-finished deerskin can be.

Dress them up or down, you owe it to your feet to look this good and feel this great. Call Larry now (804.928.7946) to order a pair for Christmas delivery. Hand-finished deerskin footwear, USD$265/loafers and wingtips, USD$295 for the chukka boot. Gift certificates available!

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