Of Pockets, Murses, Accessories and Necessities.

(Photo: Beatle Photo Blog)

Rumor has it that many Italian men leave the pockets sewn shut to make sure that nothing is carried in them to ruin the lines of their sharply tailored suits.

That’s nothing really new. Just take a glance at Ringo Starr, above. He’s carrying a man bag, or “murse.” Although we at Leviner Wood suspect it’s the tight trousers that kept him from actually keeping anything in his pockets.

The trend today to slimmer cuts leaves us in the same quandary. The designers on the runways will have you believe that the answer is carrying a bag. But there are bags, and then there are bags. Here are two from Louis Vuitton seen in the collections shown for Fall/Winter 2009-2010.

(Source: Trendland)

To our mind there are briefcases, sample cases, weekenders, totes, messenger bags (not a favorite as they drag on the suit shoulder), garment bags (to carry your Leviner Wood custom clothing and shirts) and luggage. Never should we be accused of carrying a “clutch”, for example. Far too European.

Instead, we recommend carrying your money, credit cards, keys and other necessities, with a bit of style — in your specially designed pockets, of course. (That’s why we build coin pockets, watch pockets, cell phone pockets passport and pen pockets into your garments on request.)

The key to keeping the line of your suits fluid is to carry as little bulk as possible.

Try to eliminate that bulky wallet for example.  Carry your bills in a money clip. The paper clip is a classic of modern design and in sterling looks good, but not too serious. Clip two $50 bills into it and you’re ready to pick up the odd tab or parking fee. The clip and cash will be slim enough to fit into your front pocket without mussing your crease.

So where does that leave your wallet? We don’t know too many men who give their backs a break and carry a full-sized breast pocket wallet these days. Who needs more than a few cards and I.D. anyway? But those billfolds get pretty stuffed with receipts, photos (which should be on your smartphone anyway), old concert tickets (seriously, the Stone’s SECOND farewell tour), and all sorts of unnecessary paper.

Keep things in line (including your back when you sit for long periods of time) and neatly stowed with a credit card case.

Whether in black or brown, a calfskin or alligator credit card case will improve with age and be very comfortable to carry. You may even decide to marry the two ideas and carry very little cash and a few cards.

When you’re travelling, this hybrid wallet and money clip slips neatly into a front pocket to give you that added measure of security without having to resort to a biker chain attached to your belt.

Whatever your needs, please give us a call and ask. At Leviner Wood, it’s our job to keep you looking good.

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2 Responses to Of Pockets, Murses, Accessories and Necessities.

  1. brian petroni says:

    i like that black leather hybrid money clip shown above. are these products you sell?

  2. LW says:

    Hello Brian, Yes, we do sell small leather goods when requested. We do not carry a lot of stock, but can reorder things as necessary.
    Thanks for reading.

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