Of Bonnets, Mad Dogs and Englishmen

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It’s about that time again, Easter on Parade, which is what we’ve taken to calling the Monument Avenue Easter promenade, is just around the corner. Which means that we here at Leviner Wood get a lot of questions about what to wear. As you can tell by the photo above, not everyone cares enough to inquire about the rules. But for those of you who like to dress both seasonally and appropriately, here we go.

Your suspicions are correct, it is far too early to wear what used to be called summer clothing. So no white linen suits or brown and white or black and white spectator shoes or white bucks.

Having covered the white end of the spectrum, onto the gray areas.

Seersucker. There is a lot of white in seersucker and so, it is considered a summer fabric. That means the rules apply. Break it out with your summer whites after Memorial Day and put it away after Labor Day. We’ll make an exception for seersucker trousers or a sportcoat if the temperatures top 90ºF. Hot is hot and only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun (at least improperly prepared).

Linen and cotton. Our forecast is calling for 85º and sunny. Tan, khaki, light blue, pincord, light gray and yellow are all fair game. Easter is a festive holiday. You can have some fun and stay cool. Have at them.

Tropical weight wool. Most of what we sell falls into the lightweight wool territory, what we call three season or year ’round suits. There is a lighter wool yet and it is made for the hot weather in a plain or open weave. As wool is a natural wicking agent, it will move perspiration away from the body keeping you relatively comfortable from Church to the porch party. Choose lighter colors like tans, or the range of light grays from dove to Oxford, and gray-blue. Or is it blue-gray?

And finally, your hat. What’s Easter weekend without Der Bingle crooning about bonnets and the Easter parade? Join the fun. If it’s cold (no chance of that we hear), you may stick with your light weight fur felt. Personally, we follow the lead of man about town and author Harry Kollatz. This is a man who wears his hats well. If Harry’s in straw, it’s good enough for us.

(via his blog: The Blue Raccoon and used without permission. We’ll take it down if you’d like Harry.)

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