NOT Your Father’s Seersucker


There are certain fabrics that were made for hot and humid days. That is to say, there are certain fabrics that are made for summer in the South. Because of that association, those same fabrics have assumed a sort of caricature of themselves. Think Mark Twain in his white linen suit or Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in his seersucker.

Seersucker in particular is the fabric for summer. Originally woven in India, where they know a thing or two about hot weather, the beauty of seersucker is that only thirty percent of the fabric touches your skin at any one time. That’s the deal with the “wrinkled” feel of the ridges.

But just because you opt for seersucker doesn’t mean that you have to stick to traditional blue or grey and white.

Take a closer look at the suit above. Purple and cream with purple piping and buttons. Hardly conventional. Of course you could be stealthy about your rebellion and just do the lining and vent in something fun…

How about school colors? Ready for the P-rade next year?


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