Night and Day

Here at Leviner Wood we are often asked if a fabric is suitable for year-round use. Most of them are. Let’s face it, without climate controlled cars and buildings, summer in the Mid-Atlantic states can get pretty unbearable. A better question to our minds is “is this a day to evening fabric?”

Not every evening calls for black tie, as much as some of the bloggers would like it. There is some middle ground here.

Traditionally, fabrics for daywear can feature more pattern and design. Meaning glen plaids, houndstooths, mini-checks, and all kinds of stripes are fair game for business and semi-casual affairs. Fabric choices for evening are always more subdued. Solid navy, which looks so much better than strict black under artificial light, is the standard go-to for that crisp white shirt and slightly more shiny tie. Charcoal comes in a close second.

But those are generalizations, and the sophisticated custom clothing client understands that certain color and pattern combinations can be very pleasing while still remaining discreet and appropriate for evenings out.

Take, for example, nailhead. Nailhead is a little like a smaller version of birdseye.

Once a staple of the business wardrobe, it has virtually disappeared. We can’t figure out why. Done in a blue, gray, or tan, the nailhead suit is a workhorse of your wardrobe “reading” as a solid suit, but with a lot of visual appeal thanks to the texture.

Made up into a blue six-button double-breasted suit, worn with a white semi-spread collar and French cuffed shirt, a charcoal or navy silk satin tie and black, highly polished, plain toe lace-ups, the nailhead suit will stop them dead in their tracks at happy hour and after dinner drinks. The difference between what your colleagues and fellow diners wore to the office that day and your evening appropriate attire will be night and day.

When you are commissioning your next suit from Leviner Wood Custom Clothier and Shirtmaker, consider a day to night fabric.

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